"They’re in love."
"I know."
"They’ve only just discovered it…"

Highly successful women metal singers, far from being divas who want all the glory for themselves, also regularly collaborate on each other’s albums. This delights fans and is a win-win for the artists. For example, Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) appeared with Sharon den Adel on Within Temptation’s latest album. In the “making of” video, Sharon relays that the media had been pitting the two singers against each other for years and asking the two of them to comment on each other, even though they had never met. When they finally did meet for this endeavor, they clicked instantly and sang a beautiful duet together.
To Women in Business: Lessons from Female Heavy Metal Singers article (via handsofdarkness)

Meu travesseiro sabe mais de mim do que qualquer pessoa.
E ele não é de falar.
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